Saturday, November 26, 2011

Left Thinking

There comes a time when one can't hide who she is anymore....

This is that time....

Time that I tell the world...

And maybe --<sniff>--Just maybe! <fist to mouth stifling a sob> --

I can help others like me.

I have no idea how people will react to the following, but it's a sacrifice I must make for future generations:

I am left handed. 

There it is!  In big bold red.  I was born left handed.  It was not a choice. Without doing any research, I'm sure that more than 10% of the world's population is left handed.  I am not ashamed of being a lefty, but I am tired.

I am tired of smudges on the side of my hand because pen manufacturers cannot manage to make a non smudgeable ink.  Who decided we should write from left to right anyway? Isn't it interesting that write and right are homonyms?

I am tired of injuring myself using simple kitchen tools like peelers or spilling on my dress trying to manage a ladle.

What are you right handers so afraid of?  Is it that you use the left side of the brain, so you aren't in your right mind?  So what?  The term right mind is prejudicial anyway.  It should be correct mind.  <Rubbing my chin with my left hand in a musing manner> wonder you righties are so afraid.  You're in your wrong mind.

Still.  Did you know that left in Latin is sinistro?  Mm hmm, as in sinister.Yes, I orient left, but I'm just like anybody else in this world.  I love. I laugh. I cry.  I put on my pants one leg at a time.  I just start with the left leg. 

I know lefties have made great strides.  Lefties are no longer forced to learn to write with their right hand. Left handed scissors have been around for quite a while now.  A right hander was able to get beyond my leftiness and marry me.  Fact is, there are many married couples who are different handed.  And finally, the forks in a proper table setting goes on the left side.

Yet I am often banished to the end of the table so my left elbow doesn't touch the person next to me. I admit my elbows get dry sometimes, but I promise you right handers this:  If my elbow touches yours you will not turn into a left hander.

I know my quest for lefty-righty equality will be a long time coming.  New traditions using the left hand must become part of of the social norm....Here's one idea...Since we normally shake hands with our right hand, Let’s start high 5-ing with our left hand! Don’t forget to watch the elbows!